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  Our Grooming Services
 Genuine Customer Service Skills are vital in successful dog grooming. Being able to communicate with your dog during grooming sessions and making them comfortable and happy is our ultimate goal. We strive in clear and superb communication with each owner to determine exactly what style of cut they want for their dog. Your design is our wish. Nail Clipping, ear cleaning, special conditioning, whitening and flea treatments are services that keep our pets looking good and healthy.
  Our groomers check each dog for any readily visible signs of heal tissues, (parasites, ski irritation or other minor infections and have general knowledge of common health problems. This is essential to do our job well. We like our clients feel valued and appreciated each time they come to visit our services. The most important is that your beloved pet will be safe in our hands and that we achieve the desired results.I can assure you that your dog will be looking forward in coming back.
Chihuahua Bath
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Our Breeding Service:

Our loving team cares for our animals and their babies until it is time for them to find a new home. Our dogs are to be purebred, meeting any breeding club guidelines and standards and we will introduce you to the generations behind our dogs.  We strive to selectively breed Schnauzers that provide exceptional health and temperament to advance the breed.  
This team would love to become your family’s best friend and breed mentor throughout the life of your precious puppy and we encourage you to count on us for any advice or guidance. Please feel free to visit our kennel and meet your puppy’s parents, interact with them, see how they live and interact with each other, and furthermore play with them freely so that you can get a good sense of your dog’s temperament and behavior. We make the welfare of our puppies our number one priority and to create healthy, well-mannered and good looking dogs, that make excellent additions to any family.
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